Early one morning in the Serengeti ….

We set out early one morning in the Serengeti when suddenly I saw this big herd of Elephants below us. I shouted for our driver to stop and managed to get a photograph with a long lens. They were at a distance and I steadied the camera on the jeep roof and begged the other occupants to sit still!
This is an oil painting of that scene.




I photographed these hippos in the Serengeti, Tanzania. They’re fascinating creatures, usually immersed in water to protect their delicate skins from the sun. On a cloudy day they leave the water, as can be seen in the last picture.
Obviously they leave the water to feed at night and can be very dangerous if encountered accidentally.

Old Campaigner!

Photographed in the Serengeti, Tanzania, this fellow was waiting for his dinner, in the shade. His several wives had left their cubs under a bush and I watched them bring down a buffalo. It seemed to me a very satisfactory arrangement.
Lionesses do have the advantage of being able to welcome a younger more virile lion, to take his place, eventually. At which he will shuffle off into the wilderness complaining about how two faced women can be, at times!