Angkor Wat Central Gallery

There are two crossing central galleries passing beneath the massive bulk of Angkor Wat. This is a photograph I took of one of these, passing from East to West

Night descends on Phnom Penh

A magical view of Phnom Penh at sunset, from the Mekong. To the left is the spire of the Royal Palace. This was my introduction to Cambodia, having travelled up-river from Vietnam.

The Citadel, Angkor Wat

Reading Michael Lai’s blog and the fascinating structures at Angkor Wat, inevitably remind me of my last visit. Shown here are the precipitous steps up to the top of the central citadel. Bad enough going up but not for the faint hearted, going down again!
Angkor Wat, with its long galleries and various stages of proximity to its centre is in many ways like an ancient maze.