Angry Lioness – my pastel sketch

It was my first time on safari, in Kruger NP, South Africa. I was sitting in an open jeep photographing a pride of lions and cubs. Suddenly a lioness came straight up to my side of the jeep, about 4 feet from my elbow resting on the door, which It seemed to me sensible to withdraw!

As the photograph shows, from which I sketched this picture, she was not happy! This buttock clenching clenching moment passed, with her staring at me for a while, giving a roar in my direction and turning away. I did not take the photo’ someone else in the jeep did. I was rigid, trying to pretend it wasn’t happening.

I love Cats!

I have to say that on safari, the cats are my favourites! I have many photographs taken with a long lens and hopefully, a steady hand, to get close up and personal with these wonderful creatures. This one was found, early one morning, while staying at Mala Mala, in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.


I took this photograph at Kruger National Park, South Africa. It was my first safari outing and the sudden presence of a lioness with her cubs, was amazing. Just after I took this pic. both other cubs joined in, jumping on top of their mother. I was so taken with the scene, I forgot my camera and didn’t capture it!