Spotted Hyena

I cannot bring myself to like these creatures. They seem rather evil. A match for leopard or lion both of whom often lose their young or hard won food to them. This Spotted Hyena I photographed at Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

One Evening at Ngorongoro

This photograph is taken from the East rim of the crater some 8000 feet above sea level, watching the sun setting behind the West rim. The crater bottom is some 2000 feet below.
After dinner at the hotel, we had to be escorted back to our lodge by an armed attendant. Just as well, because on the way we met two buffaloes. Apparently they feel safer at night, on top of the rim, where there are humans and less likelihood of lions.

Elephants at Tarangire

Just finished today in watercolour, a picture derived from various photographic material taken on a trip to Tarangire National Park, Tanzania some years ago. The trip to Tanzania was a memorable one visiting the Maynara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Tarangire, reservations. Then a short flight to Zanzibar, exploring Stone Town and then chilling on the beach! A wonderful experience.