Wet- he’s not bothered!

My visit to Florence, coincided with heavy rain which lasted all day. In the Piazza Della Signoria, this fellow seemed quite happy to be rained on! The replica of Michelangelo’s David. The original having been moved to the Galleria dell’Academia.

The Golden Baptistry Door at Florence (in the rain!)

The beautifully gilded Baptistry Door, opposite the Cathedral main entrance in Florence. The occasion somewhat spoilt by incessant day long rain. After taking these photographs we retired to the nearest cafe and stayed there as long as we decently could, bearing mind the ever lengthening queue, outside!



Rainy Day on the Ponte Vecchio

There was pouring rain when I visited Florence. I’d come equipped with by best camera to take a comprehensive set of photographs. The Ponte Vecchio was one of the prime attractions. As I arrived on the banks of the River Arno seeing the famous structure shrouded with rain in poor light, I nearly threw my camera in the river!
Nevertheless we walked amongst the jewellery shops on the bridge their window displays registering an appropriately golden glow on the wet cobble stones.

Castello Del Trebbio, Tuscany

Painted in watercolour, just finished today. We visited Castello Trebbio in June, this year. The estate produces very good Chianti which we tasted, after a conducted tour of the castle and cellars full of maturing wine. We had the chance to sample unlimited bottles of their wine, later at dinner. The return journey, by coach, was a very merry one!