Venice, Canal Grande

It is a magical experience to travel in a gondola along The Grand Canal, in Venice. Amongst the well known sights such as the Rialto Bridge and Santa Maria de la Salute, seen here at sundown. Painted in watercolour.

This’ll do!

I painted this watercolour a while ago after a lovely holiday in Corfu. The couple you see being served cocktails could be us. We certainly sat there most evenings! As I say, this’ll do as the drabness of winter sets in!

Romantic Es Vedra, Ibiza

In watercolour this mystical place at sundown, Es Vedra, was a favourite of hippies on Ibiza in 1960’s and a back drop to several scenes in the film of that time, South Pacific.
Ibiza is synonymous these days with music and the club scene, however as a frequent visitor, I know it has it’s many quiet and beautiful places.