St. Aidan at Lindisfarne Priory Рmy watercolour painting 



St. Cuthbert at Lindisfarne

There stands a statue of St. Cuthbert midst the ruins of the Priory on Lindisfarne, a cradle of Christianity. Lindisfarne is an island off the Northumberland Coast. in the background can be seen the castle. This picture is painted in watercolour.

Lindisfarne, the other View

The other view from the road below the castle looking towards from where the last painting was viewed. In the distance are the ancient priory ruins, one of the earliest Christian settlements in England where the famous Lindisfarne Gospels were formulated. This time in watercolour.


I spent a lovely sunny day painting this watercolour on site. Lindisfarne (locally known as Holy Island) is a cradle of Christianity in Britain and is served by a causeway, submerged at high tide, from mainland Northumberland. The ruins of its ancient priory can be seen today. I painted this picture with my back to the priory wall.
The castle is perched on a volcanic plug in the background.