Villa Garzoni



The Villa Garzoni is in Collodi, Tuscany, Italy. The gardens originated in the 17th Century to grace the castle residence of the Garzoni family. The more modern Villa can be seen on the hillside.
The gardens are world famous for their water features making full use of the steep hillside to drive various fountains and a cascade down a water staircase to the lower level. Unfortunately when I visited and took these photographs last year, the main cascade was not functioning but their were plenty other water features. One such is featured here.

Giant Pinocchio of Collodi

A giant Pinocchio can be seen at Collodi, Tuscany, Italy. The character Pinocchio was created by Carlo Lorenzini, who took his home town of Collodi to be his nom de plume thus writing the Adventures of Pinocchio, as ‘Carlo Collodi’.