The Horror of Bear Bile Farming



One cannot imagine the misery and pain that these beautiful Asian Black Bears go through to satisfy the demand for bear bile, an anti-inflammatory used in East Asian traditional medicine.
My son works for Animals Asia, a charity based in Hong Kong. An organisation set up to educate Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean peoples that this horrendous practice is neither appropriate or necessary.

Animals Asia has sanctuaries in China and Vietnam for bears they have rescued. Often these poor creatures captured when cubs, are horribly maimed and diseased having been held in crush cages for sometimes over 20 years with a permanent catheter inserted in their gall bladders. The sanctuaries give vetinary care and rehabilitation to these so called ‘Moon Bears’ because of the moon shaped yellow crescent marking on their chests.

The first picture shows a crush cage and the second, bears at play in the sanctuary. The third picture is of Prince who I sponsor and who was in a crush cage for 20 years.


4 thoughts on “The Horror of Bear Bile Farming

  1. Such terribly shocking cruelty humans are capable of, using tradition and culture as excuse. Heaven help, and forgive, us!

    So happy to learn that there are people stepping in to help these beautiful animals, but there’s probably many more that still suffer this fate than there are that have been rescued?

    Bears, rhinos, elephants, tigers, pangolins – all, and many more, going the same way…

  2. There are signs that at long last things are changing. Animals Asia has been working in schools and young people are beginning to make themselves heard in China. However the older Asians are set in their ways of medicine and all of this will take time.

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