This is my Border Collie Rosie. Painted in oils when she was about 6 months old. Rosie’s parents were both working sheepdogs at farms in North Northumberland near the Scottish border. The farmer from whom we bought her was concerned that she would not settle as a domestic pet saying he would be pleased to take her back and ‘put her to the sheep’ , if necessary. However she is a wonderful intelligent pet.
Interestingly, without any training she is instinctively good with sheep, particularly young lambs. On more than one occasion when she has come across lambs that have escaped from a field. Without prompting she rounds them up, taking them back to the gap in a fence or under a gate, urging them back into their field. On another occasion, she came across a lamb shivering and cold in a bed of nettles, it’s mother nowhere to be seen. She nosed it onto its feet and continued to nose it, urging it up to the top of a hill where she could see sheep, about 400 yards away. As she and the lamb approached the flock, a ewe came running towards the bleating lamb, obviously it’s mother. Rosie, job done then raced back down the hill once more to join me on my walk!


2 thoughts on “Rosie

  1. They wonderful dogs. They go through a naughty phase between the age of 18 months and up to 4 years old, when they take a bit of mastering. When we first got Rosie, an old shepherd warned us of this and he proved to be correct. The main problem was that at the end of a walk, she didn’t agree that it was the end and it was difficult calling her in so she could be put back on the lead! However I’ve had dogs of various breeds for many years. Without being disrespectful of the others, Rosie offers far more as a domestic pet, than they did.
    Have to go now, Border Collies are very bossy and Rosie is now demanding her dinner, sitting in front of me now, glowering at me and giving little barks of increasing volume!

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