Sundown at West Lake, Hanoi

Painted in oils, this just along the way from where my son and his Vietnamese wife live. When staying with them, we often go for an evening stroll past where these guys are sitting, on our way to Don’s Bar for refreshment.


2 thoughts on “Sundown at West Lake, Hanoi

  1. Your paintings are amazing. How do you find the time to paint all the scenes you are showing on your blog? I also dabble in painting, but it takes me many months to do just one.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. These are from the collection of work I have done since 2000, when I did art for the first time on retirement from another life as a lawyer. There are about 150 in oil, acrylic or watercolour.
    Oils usually take a week or two. Watercolours I can usually do in a day.
    Being retired from work gives me plenty time apart from family commitments.
    It is a wonderful hobby!

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